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Carrier Unique Codes

Home & Dwelling Fire
AWTRD Added Water Damage
AICLV Additional Insured - Liability Coverages
AIMCV Additional Insured - Multiple Coverages
APTVT Additional Premises Vacant Land
ARESO Additional Residence - Owner Occupied
ADD##  Additional Residence Premises Rented
ARF Additional Residences Premises Fire
ARPL Additional Residences Premises Liability
ANBRD Animal Boarding
BLDTF Building Theft Coverage
BUSNS  Business Activities
CEQ## Contractor's Equipment Coverage
INCSP Coverage C Higher Limit on Certain Property
CRMOD  Credit Modifiers
DEDCR Credit or Surcharge for Coverage A Deductible
FRM## Farm Schedule
FRM## Farm Schedule
FRMMP Farmers Medical Payments
FOXTR Farmowners' Extra Coverage
CND01 Hazardous Condition Surcharge
HOLAC Homeowners Association Loss Assessment
HODLX Homeowners Deluxe
HOXTR Homeowners Extra Coverage
HOINC Homeowners Increased Coverages
HPLUS Homeowners Plus
IBEP Incidental Business Exposure - With Products
IBENP Incidental Business Exposure - Without Products
INCLB Increase Limits on Certain Property
INOLT  Increased Liability
INPP Increased Limits - Coverage C
INLOU Increased Limits - Coverage D
FLIA Liability Coverage- Farm
LTHFT Limited Theft
MISC Misc Premium
MEMVL Mobile Farm Mach. & Equipment Form
NOLCR No Liability Credit
OPERX Operations Exclusion
ANTEN Outdoor Antennas
PRMFD Permanent Foundation Credit
OFF Personal Property - Higher Limits Away
OSI##  Related Private Structures
SRORP Related Private Structures - Rented
RLOSS Residence Loss Settlement
SCBB Sched. Barns, Bldgs. Coverage F
BBS## Schedule of Barns, Buildings, Structures
FPP## Scheduled Farm Personal Property
FPP##  Scheduled Farm Personal Property Coverage
SPADJ  Special Adjustment to Premium
THB## Theft of Building Materials
THFBC  Theft of Building Materials During Construction
EQP## Tools & Equipment Coverage
TRMPL  Trampoline Exclusion
VIPH VIP Homeowners
ICEWT Weight of Ice, Snow or Sleet 

SNOPD Snowmobile Physical Damage

EXEMG Emergency Service Expanded Coverage
EXNAV Extended Navigation

Personal Inland Marine

CE Contractors Equipment
TR Trailer


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