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Product Profiles

Product Profiles were developed to provide our agents information about the many classes of business we are willing to write.  They are intended to be used only as guides to available classes.  It is not a complete underwriting manual and should not be relied on as such.  Each profile is broken down into three sections.  Information contained in each section is as follows:

Targeted Types Of Business: In this section we describe the typical risk characteristics specific to this class; attributes we feel are desirable from an underwriting standpoint.  We also try to provide specific types of business within the target class.

Underwriting Concerns: We try very hard to avoid the NO's in this section.  We provide here the negative characteristics we find common to the given target market.  The presence of any one of these characteristics may not make a risk ineligible.  However, multiple negatives should give rise to concern about the acceptability of the risk.

Program Features:
We attempt to describe the programs available for target markets (i.e. SMP, Commercial Fire & Liability, etc.).  The basis for rating each class is provided in most cases.

The best idea for Commercial risks is to obtain the square footage for all exposures and the amount of receipts for products.  When dealing with businesses that provide services, obtain the amount of payroll and the actual receipts for those services. For Personal Lines, place make sure your application includes a photo and a current Dryden Square Foot Estimator.

Click here for a complete list of Product Profiles

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