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Dryden Mutual is organized as a NYS co-operative fire insurance company. This means the company does not issue stock and is not a publicly traded company. Like other “co-op” organizations in the business world, Dryden Mutual does not exist to make profits for stockholders, but instead exists for the benefit of our policyholder owners.

Profits made by the company are re-invested in building up our capital base Our capital base, technically referred to as policyholder surplus, is required to provide a cushion of security to ensure our ability to pay legitimate claims on a timely basis. As our capital base expands, it also serves and supports even more customers. We do not pay dividends directly, but use profits to keep rates as steady as possible.

Dryden Mutual’s employees and directors are thoroughly committed to supporting the New York State economy through efficient transfer of risk for local families and businesses.

Dryden Mutual Insurance Company l 12 Ellis Drive l Dryden, NY 13053
Phone: 800-724-0560
l Fax: 607-257-0312 l mail@drydenmutual.com                                                                                  NAIC Company Code: 13919