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NYS Insurance Market

Most insurance companies acquire enough expertise to offer a few lines of insurance efficiently, but modern day risk is exceedingly complex and constantly changing.

To effectively address all of today’s insurance needs, our economy has encouraged a wide variety of insurance companies to serve the many-faceted aspects of risk in our society. This is one of the key reasons why Americans have been able to create the most successful economy in the world. Dryden Mutual is one of approximately 400 national and domestic organizations that have acquired some expertise in transferring risks for families and businesses in New York State. Since there are roughly 3,500 property-casualty insurance companies in the United States, this means that less than 1 out of 10 American insurance companies does business in New York. This fact is a reflection on how complicated the insurance mechanism really is in America.

Although Dryden Mutual offers products that directly compete with those offered by large national insurance groups, we also offer coverage for risks that are ignored, avoided, or misunderstood by many of our competitors. The nearly impossible complexity of modern risk is why a Dryden Mutual still exists in the 21st century—to better serve the needs of our entire society.

Dryden Mutual is a relatively small domestic company that focuses only on New York State with property and general liability offerings. Nevertheless, we still rank in the top 100 of the nearly 400 insurance organizations writing property-casualty business in the state. This high market ranking for Dryden Mutual would indicate that our products are well-received and serve many purposes. We have evolved from an obscure 1860 county insurance mutual into a significant part of the overall New York State economy!